Research has shown that teacher training is a necessary component to successful curriculum implementation. The developers of keepin’ it REAL (kiR) feel that it is important that the kiR curriculum be delivered as it was designed.

We realize that many people do not always deliver prevention programs as originally intended, even though alterations may reduce the effectiveness of the program. To ensure the program’s effectiveness, we offer training to help you learn about keepin’ it REAL. Professional trainers provide a one day training session either at Penn State (University Park) or, through prior arrangements, at a location of your choice.

What does training do? First, it explains the philosophy and research behind keepin’ it REAL and how the curriculum works. The lessons include a variety of teaching modalities aimed at encouraging student participation such as group work, role-plays, pair discussion, and games. The lessons are designed to promote interaction among the students as well as between the students and the teacher, so that the students are involved in their own learning. The training gives participants a chance to familiarize themselves with the curriculum, develop skills to promote student learning and engagement and work through the lessons to increase their confidence when teaching students.

For more information about training, or for scheduling and pricing information, please contact Morgan Sugg (, (814) 863-6260.