The keepin' it REAL curriculum is based on two innovative ideas. First, we believe that narratives or stories are very powerful ways of teaching about drugs because they communicate a way of thinking about drugs and drug use. In our curriculum, we use narratives collected from adolescents like the ones who receive the implementation and present them in a number of different forms, one of the most important of which is video. Adolescents are drawn to video and we use this medium to show them their own stories. This leads us to the second innovative idea -- keepin' it REAL utilizes a “from kids through kids to kids” model to develop the curriculum materials. Our stories come from kids and were made into videos by students at South Mountain High School for viewing by the middle and elementary students in their community. If you click on the word “photos”, you will see pictures of these talented high school students who won regional Emmy Awards for their work on this project.

The keepin' it REAL curriculum contains five videos produced this way -- an introductory video that is presented in the first lesson and then four additional videos, which present stories demonstrating each of the four resistance strategies that give the curriculum its name (refuse, explain, avoid, leave). You can see the video for the first lesson by clicking below on Introductory Video. We also created Public Service Announcements or PSAs -- those short advertisements you see on TV or hear on radio about topics like drug prevention, violence prevention, etc. These are available for your viewing as well.

Drug Resistance Strategies Distribution Masters - English PSAs

Drug Resistance Strategies Distribution Masters - Spanish PSAs

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